Newsletter #12 - Making 3D CSS Art with Ricardo Oliva Alonso

August 13, 2020

Howdy, and welcome to the Frontend Horse Newsletter! The only newsletter you can ride bareback along a beach at sunset. Try doing that with the CSS-Tricks newsletter!

This week we’re looking at the amazing art of Ricardo Oliva Alonso, who makes fun and vibrant pieces all with CSS and HTML. Let’s hit the trail and check it out!

Creating 3D Illustrations with CSS

This week we get to learn a new style of CSS art from Ricardo Oliva Alonso. He makes gorgeous 3D pieces with CSS and HTML that animate, play sounds, and lots more. I’ve been seeing his work for a while but could never figure out how he was making some of these designs.

Ricardo's work

He was kind enough to sit down with me and teach us all of his techniques.

Check Out The Article!

So Long, Partner

Well, that’s the end of the trail for this week. I appreciate you riding with me.

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Special thanks to Ricardo Oliva Alonso for speaking with us about his work! Go check out his CodePens and follow him on Twitter.

This is the part where we ride off into the sunset. You take care.

Your Neigh-bor,


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