Newsletter • Issue 67

Watercolor SVG, Marquee CSS, and 3D Emoji!



When you move your mouse you get this delightful kaleidoscope effect. I love Natalia’s style, and the animation delay makes this fun to play with. Add color changing and I could spend all day on this pen.

Watercolor SVG Watercolor

I love any pen that layers cool techniques, and this one does it almost literally. The SVG filters amount to a flawless watercolor look, and there’s some clever use of random numbers and SCSS for icing on top.

Noise SVG filter Noise SVG

A simple and delightful noisy gradient. Apply this SVG filter to your gradients for this slick effect.

Footer Sorrow Footer

Everything about this rocks. The color palette, the design, and the character animation are all excellent.

It tells the tale of a footer about to get its time in the sun, only to be knocked down by an infinite scroll.

Off The Wall Image Menu Off The Wall Image

Hyperplexed with another great CodePen recreation and 60-second tutorial. I’ve been enjoying their videos over on their YouTube channel.

CSS Marquee Logos CSS Marquee

Ryan Mulligan brings back everyone’s favorite element, the marquee. This one is a scrolling wall of logos with only HTML and CSS.

Check out Ryan’s article to learn all about it and see a couple more examples he cooked up for this post.


How to Create Content that Resonates How to Create Content that

How do you create content that will resonate with an audience? I explain how you can use small bets like tuning forks to see what resonates.

If you create any kind of content, check it out and tell me what you think.


Microsoft Emoji Source Files Microsoft Emoji Source

Microsoft open sourced its emojis this week, complete with GitHub and Figma access.

If you’re looking for something to spice up a project, I think these are wonderful. You get a few options with each: high-contrast, flat, color, and 3D.

Retro Apple CSS library Retro Apple CSS

Themed CSS libraries like these bring such delight for your small projects. This one mimics the retro Apple UI from the late eighties.

Docusaurus 2.0 Docusaurus

V2 brings support for MDX, file-based routing, plugins, and themes. It’s what your favorite docs are probably built with, and I’m even seeing some personal sites using Docusaurus.

So long, partner

That’s it for this week, I appreciate you riding along with me!

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