Newsletter #55 - GSAP Plugin Showcase, Astro 1.0, and 3D Range Slider!

May 5, 2022

We've got gorgeous GSAP demos, a fun Astro stream, and lots from last week's Community Question. Let's get to it!

Livestream Show!

Blasting Off with Astro 1.0! - Frontend Horse Blasting Off with Astro 1.0! - Frontend

On Thursday, Ben Holmes of the Astro team is with us to walk us through creating the new Frontend Horse site in Astro 1.0! We'll learn what's new in Astro, where it's headed, and how to build with it.

Thursday, May 5, 12PM EST on Twitch.

GSAP Contest Entries

Last month, GreenSock teamed up with CodeSandbox to put on a creative contest! Each week, contestants had to create something with a different GSAP plugin. I even got to be a judge!

There were many excellent entries, I'm just sharing a few of my favorites here.

SVG Stroke Animation SVG Stroke

Using the DrawSVG plugin, this piece by Christian Alder materializes one layer at a time.

Knowing the Alphabet Knowing the

A wonderful piece by Victor Work that showcases the new GSAP FLIP plugin. Who knew animating the alphabet could be this beautiful?

Here Comes the Sun Here Comes the

Ismael Martínez created a beautiful tribute to the Beatles tune with some great typography and design.

GSAP Scroll Demo GSAP Scroll

Another stunner by Victor Work with several dynamic, shifting layouts!

Firewatch-style Parallax Firewatch-style

I shared Alistair's rocky page borders last week, and here we have his SVG parallax landscape. The smooth scroll feels great, but the best part has to be the day/night cycle. Look at those gorgeous colors!


3d Range Slider 3d Range

I'm a big fan of Jon Kantner's clever take on common UX elements. This range slider feels like something you'd use in VR to shuffle through options.


Grid Tile Patterns Grid Tile

This newsletter issue from Daniel Velasquez is a beautiful article that introduces you to five different Grid Tile Patterns.

Each has an example, a brief description of the math behind it, and some great resources to get started.

I'm excited to try the Rotating Grids and the Truchet patterns.


Tanaguru Contrast-Finder

The past few weeks, I've shared some wonderful color tools for accessibility, so let's continue for one more week!

Give this tool a foreground and background color, then it will generate similar colors that are actually accessible for text.

Community Question

Last Week’s Question

What CSS property do you think more folks should know about?

  • Caroline shared line-clamp, which truncates text at a set number of lines.
  • R. Alex says color, because of how powerful currentColor can be.
  • Ryan says overscroll-behavior, which helps you capture scroll in modals with just CSS!
  • Sebastien votes scrollbar-gutter to avoid layout shifts and even provides an example.
  • Aleksandr shared isolation: isolate;, an obscure property that comes in handy for managing z-index.
  • Jack-Edward says stacked usage of pointer-events.
  • Mark says columns as an alternative for grid or flex.
  • Frazer said display: contents; which allows for passing grid positioning through elements, but presents some accessibility concerns. Still a great property to know about!
  • And Krzysztof says @supports rule.

Do you agree? Did we miss anything? Head over and let us know!

This Week's Question


Head over to Twitter to give your answer and I'll include it in next week's issue!

So Long, Partner

That's all for this week.

Some super cool news: There are now five thousand of you subscribed to this newsletter! Thank you so much for all of the support.

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