Newsletter #53 - Text Effects, SVG Generators, and Accessible Colors!

April 20, 2022

Packed with tons of resources this week! Plus a few great articles, the Community Question, and a fun typographic pen!

Before we jump in, I wrote an article on productivity for developers you might find useful!

14 Actionable Tips For Developer Productivity 14 Actionable Tips For Developer

I touch on everything from coding, planning, learning, and taking care of what's most important.

It's everything I know to be a developer who gets things done without burning out.


Frontend Practice - Updated! Frontend Practice - Updated!

This excellent resource from Kyle Shook has you recreate real websites to learn practical frontend skills. It's been updated to have 30 examples and difficulty levels!

Reasonable Colors Reasonable

Reader Matthew Howell submitted their accessible color system. I love resources like this that make accessibility easy to get right.

Reasonable Colors is an open-source color system for building accessible, nice-looking color palettes.

fffuel - generators for gradients, patterns, backgrounds & decorative graphics fffuel - generators for gradients, patterns, backgrounds & decorative

I shared fffuel months ago, back when it had about six or seven cool generators. Now that's grown to over fifty wonderful designs you can grab and use on your site.

I especially love that the creator, Seb, gives an explanation of how each generator works.

Laws of UX Laws of

Simple visuals and definitions to help anyone understand some key UX best practices.

I'm no UX expert, so I love how approachable it is. Plus the website design is gorgeous.

Build Excellent Websites Build Excellent

Andy Bell created a great website that states his approach to building excellent websites. The website itself shows the power of the methodology, and he's included the key resources on the page.


The Front-End Developer's Guide to the Terminal The Front-End Developer's Guide to the

This is a robust guide to something that so many developers take for granted! Tutorials and docs always assume you know how to use your terminal, but there's a great chance you'll learn something from this wonderful guide.

Chartogne-Taillet Experience Case Study Chartogne-Taillet Experience Case

This is an excellent case study detailing just how the team at Studio Immersive Garden made an incredible vineyard experience using real maps and great particle effects.


Pepper ! Pepper !

I love this wiggly typographic animation! There are lots of divs and a bit of GSAP to make this fun and stylish experiment.

Community Question

Every week we ask the community a question on Twitter!

Last Week's Question

If you could add one feature to every browser right now, what would it be? (Link)

We had so many excellent responses! If the community had its way, today's browsers would fully support:

Container Queries, scroll-timeline, CSS Houdini, Subgrid, CSS Object Model, :has(), Nested CSS, Web Share API, Web Push API, WebGPU, and a few more!

I hadn't heard of WebGPU, and never considered Darin's idea for the "ability to animate width/height performantly to any value (including “auto”) without needing to hack transforms or use JS"

Thanks to Darin, Cassidy, Adhocracy, Adam, Kilian, Arno, Chris M, James, Martin, Mac, Brent, Ben, Jace, Temani, Jono, and Chris B!

This Week's Question


Head over to Twitter to give your response and I'll include your answers in next week's newsletter!

So Long, Partner

That's it for this week!

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