Newsletter #45 - Painting SVG Paths with Masks!

February 21, 2022

Today I've got a brand new article that teaches you a beautiful vector and raster technique! Plus lots of GSAP animation goodness.

Howdy, partner! I've got another delightful Frontend Horse article to share with you.

We dive deep into Tom Miller's CodePen, Silkscreen Squiggles, which animates SVGs that end up looking like they were painted with a real paintbrush.

Painting SVG Paths with Masks Painting SVG Paths with

See how Tom Miller made this beautiful painterly effect!

We dig into some great GSAP techniques and explain a few lesser-known properties.

Until Next Time

On weeks when I write an article it's a shorter newsletter, so that's it for this week!

I really hope you enjoy learning about Tom Miller's work, he's one of my favorite CodePenners, and this one's just delightfully clever.

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