Shows tagged SVG

Headshot of George Francis
George Francis

Let's Make Art with Code!

We can use randomized values and some wonderful SVG libraries to create art on the web with Code. Generative master George Francis shows us how!

Headshot of Andrew Rubin
Andrew Rubin

Animating SVG to Music with GSAP!

Andrew Rubin shows us how to animate SVG to a beat with GSAP and the Web Audio API. Not only did he code and animate this pen, but he created the illustrations and music for this creation, too!

Headshot of Darin Senneff
Darin Senneff

Sharing Deadly Deals with the Share API!

In this episode, Darin Senneff shows us some wonderful character animation tips with GSAP and SVG! Then we connect it all to the Web Share API to give visitors a fun experience when sharing.

Headshot of George Francis
George Francis

Building a Generative Team Section

George Francis teaches us how to create randomized faces for our site's team section. We learn some great SVG tricks as we generate random blobs, lines, and lots more!

Headshot of Cassie Evans
Cassie Evans

Creating an Animated Castle Builder

Cassie Evans shows us how to use GSAP timelines along with a range slider to get a customizable castle builder. By using an SVG we can get fun bouncy transitions!

Headshot of Adam Kuhn
Adam Kuhn

Reinventing the Signup Form

Adam Kuhn showed us his trick for reimagining what we think of as possible with email forms. Plus we learned a technique for turning form borders into more whimsical shapes on submit!