Shows tagged Prismic

Headshot of Ben Holmes
Ben Holmes

Blasting Off with Astro 1.0!

Ben Holmes of the Astro team is with us to walk us through creating the new Frontend Horse site in Astro 1.0! We'll learn what's new in Astro, where it's headed, and how to build with it.

Headshot of Dan Spratling
Dan Spratling

Building Better Agency Sites with Next.js and Prismic!

Dan Spratling will show us how he uses Prismic Slice Machine with Next.js to quickly build high-quality sites at his agency. We'll look through what he uses for his starter, and maybe make some improvements!

Headshot of Colby Fayock
Colby Fayock

Jamstack, Ecommerce, and Next.js!

Colby is going to teach us how to leverage the benefits of Jamstack websites without compromising on our eCommerce experience!

Headshot of Nate Moore
Nate Moore

Building with Astro and Prismic

We'll be building a headless static site using Astro and Prismic as our CMS! Along the way, we'll discuss the mental model of Astro sites, play with Astro's multi-framework support, and show off Astro's new WASM-based compiler.