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Headshot of Chris Ferdinandi
Chris Ferdinandi

Building a JavaScript Library from Scratch!

In order to learn some best practices, we'll build a date library from the ground up. We'll start simple and then layer in features through a series of edits and enhancements. We'll discuss a wide range of use cases and weigh the pros and cons.

Headshot of Kilian Valkhof
Kilian Valkhof

Let's Build a New Tab Chrome Extension!

With just a few files you can create your very own New Tab Chrome Extension! Kilian Valkhof joins us to walk us through the process.

Headshot of Amit Sheen
Amit Sheen

Let's Build a Runner Game with CSS & JavaScript!

Amit Sheen shows us how to create an infinite runner game using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with no external libraries! Plus we learn some great math and image sprite tricks!