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Past Episodes

Portrait of Chris Ferdinandi

Working with Adult ADHD

Chris and Alex will talk about their experience with Adult ADHD, how it affects them, and strategies they use to still get things done.

Featuring: Chris FerdinandiView Details
Portrait of Cassie Evans

A11y & Responsivity with GSAP

Cassie will show us the new gsap.matchMedia()! It's a new feature that makes responsive and accessible 'reduced motion' animations simple!

Featuring: Cassie EvansView Details
Portrait of Ryan LaBar

Behind the Scenes: Elegant Seagulls

Let's look behind the scenes of the new Elegant Seagulls website. Ryan, one of the developers, will walk us through the awesome animations, and show us how to recreate some of the components!

Featuring: Ryan LaBarView Details
Portrait of Ryan Mulligan

Behind the Scenes: Netlify's Homepage

Sam, Justin, and Ryan from Netlify will answer our questions about how they created the new Netlify homepage! The beautiful design and wonderful animations were crafted in part by these three, so let's talk shop!

Featuring: Ryan MulliganView Details
Portrait of Tom Miller

Create a 3D Scroll Gallery with GSAP!

Tom will show us how to create an awesome scrolling gallery effect with GreenSock! Our gallery will have 3D and parallax effects, respond to mouse movements, and support any number of images. We'll even use the DrawSVG plugin for an added detail.

Featuring: Tom MillerView Details
Portrait of Ben Holmes

Blasting Off with Astro 1.0!

Ben Holmes of the Astro team is with us to walk us through creating the new Frontend Horse site in Astro 1.0! We'll learn what's new in Astro, where it's headed, and how to build with it.

Featuring: Ben HolmesView Details
Portrait of Andy Bell

Fluid Typography, Space, and Layouts!

We're going to learn how to create with consistent, fluidly scaling typography and spacing, all using CSS. Andy will show us some great techniques so that our website is consistent and looks great at every screen size.

Featuring: Andy BellView Details
Portrait of Cassie Evans

Smooth Scrolling with GSAP!

Cassie Evans joins us to show us how to add smooth scrolling to a site in 2022, along with a fun reveal!

Featuring: Cassie EvansView Details
Portrait of Kevin Powell

Responsive CSS the Easy Way

Ever find yourself lost in a confusing amount of media queries, struggling to make your website responsive? Kevin Powell is here to teach us the easy way to create responsive CSS.

Featuring: Kevin PowellView Details
Portrait of Nate Moore

Introducing Token CSS

Nate will introduce and demo a brand new tool for building design systems, Token CSS. We'll also chat about design token methodology, recent progress on the Design Tokens community group specification, and what the future plans for Token CSS are!

Featuring: Nate MooreView Details
Portrait of Varun Vachhar

Self-Avoiding Random Walkers

Self-avoiding random walkers are a fun creative coding technique that can produce some beautiful results. Varun will show us how to use them to create beautiful art pieces.

Featuring: Varun VachharView Details
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