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Next Up

Twitch API Fun

with Salma (whitep4nth3r)

Frontend Stampede

We're going to use Next.js, the Twitch API, and Next Auth to make a fun Twitch powered web app!

Creative Rodeo

George is going to teach us CSS Houdini, how to use the Paint API, and how we can make our own patterns with Houdini!

Building with Svelte!

with Tan Li Hau

Frontend Stampede

We're going to learn Svelte, a JavaScript framework that compiles down to vanilla JS, letting you build robust but speedy apps and sites!

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Past Episodes

Component Carousel

Every week a creative developer builds a component on stream with us around a fun theme. They use things like Three.js, GSAP, and lots of other great techniques that we get to learn!

Catch new episodes every Wednesday!

We'll learn how to use Motion One, a new, lightweight animation library built on the Web Animations API.

Opher will show us how to build a multiplayer game with Pixi.js that features real-time audience participation! Each person will get their own generative character and we'll use Firebase for the real-time communication!

Data Visualization & Supervillains

with Amelia Wattenberger

In this episode we'll learn all about data visualization as Amelia creates a component for our Supervillain PR Agency website!

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Frontend Stampede

Brilliant developers come on and teach us about frontend development! We'll learn about frameworks like Next.js and Nuxt, services like Auth0 and Prismic, and lots more! We'll always add a creative flourish to whatever we build.

Catch new episodes every Tuesday!

Algolia allows us to add powerful search features to our Jamstack sites. In this episode we'll learn about features like routing, InstantSearch, autocomplete, and more!

Josh walks us through how he built the platform for his new course, CSS for JavaScript Developers. We'll look into the stack, the decisions he made, and the whimsical animated touches he added!

Getting Into Open Source

with Brian Douglas

We'll learn how to get into open source as a beginner, as well as tips for getting your open source project more attention.

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Creative Rodeo

Creative Rodeo is where creative developers can teach us more deeply about a creative coding topic. As they teach us a new skill, the chat gets a chance to make suggestions and collaborate or even code along!

Catch new episodes every Thursday!

Eleventy + CSS Candy Bag!

with Stephanie Eckles

We're creating an audience-fueled generative website! You suggest components or features, then we build it live with 11ty and CSS!

FLIP animations allow us to animate DOM elements in ways that are otherwise impossible! The GSAP FLIP plugin makes these transitions a breeze, and Cassie will teach us how to use it!

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