Newsletter #34 - Holiday Special, Coloring with Code, and CSS Grid Art!

December 13, 2021

Guess who's coming for the holidays? It's an incredible, festive event for a great cause! We've got wonderful guests you won't want to miss.

Holiday Snowtacular Fundraiser

Howdy, partner! We've got a HUGE fundraiser show this Friday, and you're going to LOVE the guests!

Dave Rupert, Kevin Powell, George Francis, Monica Powell, Michael Chan, Josh Comeau, Kent C. Dodds, Chris Coyier, Varun Vachhar, Amelia Wattenberger, Cassidy Williams, and Scott Hanselman!

That's right, 12 incredible guests, all back-to-back this Friday, December 17th! It's going to be an incredible time, all for a good cause, so please register and share it with your friends!

We're raising $10,000 for Open Seas to remove trash from the ocean. Huge thanks to our sponsors Prismic, Netlify, and Cloudinary, for matching your donations!

Register here

Upcoming shows

We also have a great show with Chris Ferdinandi on Tuesday. In order to learn some best practices, we'll build a date library from the ground up. We'll start simple and then layer in features through a series of edits and enhancements. We'll discuss a wide range of use cases and weigh the pros and cons. 


Coloring With Code Coloring With

Our friend George Francis wrote a wonderful article on how to create beautiful color palettes with code.

Standardizing Focus Styles With CSS Custom Properties - CSS-Tricks Standardizing Focus Styles With CSS Custom Properties -

A great article by Steph Eckles on focus styles as part of CSS-Tricks's End of Year series.

Defensive CSS Defensive

This article by Ahmad Shadeed is a must-click in my opinion. It's a long list of preventative CSS measures that you should skim and bookmark for future reference.

Advanced Perceptual Contrast Algorithm Advanced Perceptual Contrast

A peek at APCA, the color contrast algorithm that WCAG 3 will eventually use.


Generative CSS Grid Art Generative CSS Grid

I got to watch our friend David Aerne create these beautiful grids live in our community Discord! It was wonderful getting to talk with him as he iterated on his ideas.

Minimal Keyboard Minimal

Check out this interactive, minimal keyboard by Jacob Foster

3D CSS SpaceShip 3D CSS

The CodePen contest this month is being run by the wonderful folks at GreenSock! I especially love this entry by Ricardo Oliva Alonso. The shadows are an extra nice touch!

So long, partner

That's all for this week. I hope to see you Friday at the holiday show! Don't forget to register!

Also, if you're looking for a friendly group of front-end folks, join the Discord! It's my favorite place on the web.

Your neigh-bor,


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