Publishing Process

Here’s a brief explainer of how the publishing process works. I want this to be low-stress for you and take up as little of your time as possible. If anything’s unclear or you have any questions, please reach out either on Twitter or email alex (at)

The goal

I want to demystify your work so that readers can learn your techniques and become better developers. I also want to showcase your work so that others can appreciate and enjoy it like I do.

What I like to cover

I have a couple criteria for what I choose to write about.

No tutorials yet

I like covering pieces where no tutorials exist for that specific piece yet. I don’t want to make an inferior version to something you’ve already done, I’d rather people just go read that instead! You’re more than welcome to create a tutorial after the fact. I’d just ask you wait a little bit until after the Frontend Horse article comes out.

I’m learning something new

I also cover things that are a bit beyond my own understanding, but not so hard that I’m completely lost. I find that learning a new technique allows me to teach it better, because I’m learning along with my audience and can explain it better than something I’ve known for some time.

The process

First I reach out and ask you if it’s alright that I cover your work. If you say yes, great! If not, that’s alright too!

Usually I choose one piece, or several that fit within a theme, to write about. I’ll dig into the code and try to figure out how you’re doing what you’re doing. If I’m not clear on some parts or have questions, I’ll write those down. This process can take some time.

Then I’ll send you a Notion document with questions. You can write directly in the document, and let me know when you’re finished. I don’t want you to feel rushed with this, but giving me a time frame when you think you’ll be finished is appreciated!

Don’t worry about your writing

Most of the questions I ask don't require a formal response, they're more for my own clarification.

Don’t worry about perfect writing. Most things you write I’ll rephrase and explain to the readers in my own words. If I do quote you, I’ll edit your text so it has correct grammar and is clear and concise.

Include resources

Any resources you used or learned from are great to add, so include links to those if you have them. I want to give readers a place to go if they want to learn more.


I’ll try to get you a preview page ahead of publishing so you can read it over and check if anything is inaccurate or unclear. Don’t feel any obligation here, I just want you to see it before others if possible.


Publishing consists of creating a newsletter issue containing the piece, or a summary and link to the article if it’s a longer-form piece. Then I tweet out that the article has been published.

This is where it’d be great if you can also share the article with your network of friends and followers.


If you’re working with me I just want to say I greatly appreciate your time. I hope that sending you this doesn’t come off as impersonal. After weeks of writing this out for each person I spoke to, I figured it was time to put it all in one place so that I didn’t forget any details.